2M Film Stars

2M were shining stars today!!!
Mr Joe from Beverly Hills Girls High School and our favourite visitor Ms Rushton came into our room today to film our class learning about action verbs. We are going to be on a training video for all the teachers to learn from. We are happy, we are going to be famous. Today was very exciting!

Learning with Ms Kathy Rushton

The wonderful and very brainy Ms Rushton, a lecturer from Sydney University came into our classroom today. She taught us about action verbs. It was fun watching Ms Rushton act out what some verbs meant. She taught us how we can use drama to improve our understanding of action verbs and increase our vocabulay. Thank you Ms Rushton!!!

Deputy Prime Minister Visits 2M – Part 1

The Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard came to Wiley Park Public School to launch National Literacy and Numeracy Week. This is the first part of Ms Gillard’s visit. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Education Verity Firth visited the sensational learners in 2M. They saw the 2M students learning with Ms Bush and Ms Mourad. Ms Gillard was taught by Gwen how to use the interactive whiteboard. It was a wonderful day for our class. Keep watching for more videos!!!

Tiger the zoo keeper


2M were very lucky to work with Ms Bush. With the support of Ms Bush 2M produced the movie ‘Tiger the Zoo Keeper”. The children learnt about prepositions, adjectives and adverbial phrases. At the same time this learning was taking place the students were having fun making the movie. Different students had different jobs such as  the set designer, producer, narrators, puppeteers and recording artist. Our classroom’s vocabulary was amazing..thank you Ms Bush